Dont believe we're just that good? Check out these 'REAL' testimonials from past Sexxxy Party Goers

Katherine - Adelaide
I rang in desparation as the other Adult Party Plan had let us down the night before my BFF and my huge 21st Celebration. Someone answered straight away, said they would get back to me, and followed through. Thanks heaps seXXXy parties for giving us a Great Night In. Excellent Service.

Brittany - Toongabbie
Hi, i understand it is late notice and you may not be able to fit me in , i was just wondering if you could that would be awesome! I attended a sex toy party of yours a few weeks ago and loved it, so now all my friends want to have one.

Vanessa - Qld
OMG. My girlfriends and I thought we were just getting to look at some sex toys. Some of us went home sooo horny. Playing with the products gave us some ideas to try at home. Can't wait for delivery!!!

Julie - SA
Just had to let you guys know that we had a blast for the girls night and will be doing it again soon. 2 thumbs up sexxxy parties, love your work.

Shaz - Melbourne
I was so disappointed when I had to cancel due to sickness. The consultant was great and made sure I got another booking as soon as I was better. It was the best way to make sure I got better quick. We had so much fun. I'm going to make it a regular event.

Carol - Geelong
Cant believe I was embarrassed about having a sex toy party.
Had so much fun that I became a consultant. Now I party and earn great money as well..........Woo Hoo

Monique - Perth
I really enjoyed attending the SEXY party on Saturday it was lots of fun and had a few good laughs. I thought you were a great host & made me feel comfortable as I have never been to a Sexy toy party before. I even invited myself to the next one Hayley is hosting haha! > Thanks again

Marie - SA
My girlfriends were worried because they were sure they would be embarassed. So I told them to bring their husbands and boyfriends. Great idea. They bought heaps and I got my We Vibe super cheap. Great party plan benefits!! Thanks SP.

Nicole - Sunbury
We had a consultant from another sex toy party plan bail on us at the last minute. Sexxxy Parties helped us out, we had a blast and my mates are planning adult toy parties of their own. Thanks to the Sexxxy Parties team.

Jo - Brisbane
I wanted to buy a sex toy but was too embarassed to go into a sex shop. The consultant made me feel so comfortable in my own home. My girlfriends want their own sex toy parties now. Thanks for making it easy and fun SP!!

Colleen - Country Victoria
I was nervous about inviting my mum but she insisted. She brought along her friends too!! I was sure it was going to be uncomfortable and embarassing. I was wrong. I haven't laughed so much in years. Had to make sure I left the room while mum ordered though:)

Brenda - Mt. Waverly
Just writing to say thanks for a great Hens Night. We had so much fun with the saucy games and the sex toys. Will definitely recommend to all my girlfriends. You got my vote SP

Tina - NSW
I wanted to have a party with a difference - and boy did I get it. I got the best gift and a brilliant discount on the handy little couple's toy I'd been wanting for ages. Go the We Vibe and go seXXXy parties. Loving your work.

Jax Waters - Tocumwal Vic
Anyone who's been considering hosting an adult sex toy party, do it with Rails. She was discreet, professional and all our guests were made to feel comfortable. Emma Baron and I appreciate you travelling so far to entertain us.

Susie - Werribee
I've been to other sex toy parties before but sexxxy parties are the best. I also liked learning about the products - I thought I knew it all. My girlfriends and I are planning to make this a regular event. Thanks for the fun night!!

Mel - Craigieburn
Woohoo!!! Best night ever. Raunchy games, sex toys with batteries, interesting discussions. Who could ask for more?? Thanks SP:)

Katie - Thomastown
Iíve had adult toy parties before but this was the best ever. Sexxxy Parties ticked all the boxes. They have a great range of sex toys, lingerie and lotions and the consultant made sure we all had a great time.

Tania - Adelaide
My girlfriend wanted a Tupperware party but I wanted something fun. I suggested an adult party with raunchy games. Am I glad we did!!! Best sex toy party ever. And I even got freebies for having it. Highly recommend it.

Jenny - Sydney NSW
Best Adult sex toy party ever. You guys rock - we will be back for another one soon. I'm even thinking of Joining to make the money our consultant made on the night. Couldn't believe it.

Jess - Thornbury
OMG!!! I was so glad that I listened to the advice and got myself the WeVibe!!! Woohoo. Don't know how I lived without it. Great party, great advice, great sex toy. This is living:)